septarian nodule

septarian nodule is used for healing in drumming circles. helps “always be prepared” in survival situations. septarian nodules combine all the metaphysical properties of the minerals that make it up, making it extremely powerful.


brown, grey, cream, black and/or mottled together

the cream or sometimes black is calcite, grey is limestone and brown is mud.


usa, morocco


cleanse with running water method

energize on an amethyst cluster or in moonlight during full moon


kidney, pancreasl, bone pain

gently absorbs toxins

good for those who have panic attacks

neutralizes the ph levels and good for people who have acid in their bodies.


helps with the gift of public speaking as well as keeping the audience interested, enthusiastic and less restless

dispels curiosity in others, pertaining to finances, relationships and activities

bring patience, endurance and tolerance


aids communication with mother earth

calms and grounds

pulls us down to the earth.