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infinite stone

infinite, sometimes called “the healers stone” or the “miracle stone” , is useful for healers, athletes, chronic pain sufferers and others who have a need for healing energies. ¬†infinite stone is a mixture of serpentine and chrysotile. (photo from crystalpedia colour/appearance: light green sources: britain, norway, russia, zimbabwe, usa, italy cleansing: cleanse with running water method, energize on a crystal quartz cluster or in sunlight zodiac: gemini chakra(s): heart physical: menstrual and muscular aches […]

indigo sapphire

indigo sapphire helps us continue our pursuits and rise toward the unreachable horizon. indigo sappihe is a rare and valuable crystal. it iwll bring you wisdom, truth, dignity, and spiritual mastery colour/appearance: indigo blue chakra(s): third eye emotional: enhances alertness and attentiveness teaches us that “the truth will set you free” strenghtens ambitions spiritual: stimulates the third eye and our creativity in the higher realms of psychic awareness eliminates negative energies from the aura and […]

golden/imperial topaz

golden/imperial topaz is one of the twelve breastplate stones of the high priest referred to in the book of exodus. the breastplate stones are considered sacred to twelve mighty angels who guard the gates to paradise. colour/appearance: golden to orange sources: brazil, africa, pakistan, east of germany cleansing: cleanse with running water method and energize on a crystal quartz cluster or in sunlight planet(s): sun zodiac: leo element(s): fire chakra(s): solar plexus best combined with: […]

clear calcite/iceland spar

clear calcite/iceland spar is the strongest energy cleanser of all calcites. clear calcite is called iceland spar or optical calcite. giant clear calcite has the same powers as the smaller clear calcite. colour/appearance: clear cleansing: cleanse with running water method energize on a crystal quartz cluster or in sunlight element(s): fire, wind chakra(s): all physical: cure-all locations and rituals: place a clear calcite in each cornor of the room before doing rituals. keep one in […]

blue tourmaline (indicolite)

blue tourmaline (indicolite) helps the lungs, larynx and thyroid. colour/appearance: blue sources: cleansing: cleanse with running water method energize on an amethyst cluster or in sunlight planet(s): saturn element(s): water, wind chakra(s): throat, third eye physical: bacterial infections burns chronic sore throat pulmonary system emotional: helps us to live in harmony with our environment aids self expression bring stamina while dealing with hyperactive individuals spiritual: locations and rituals: