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gem care

you should cleanse your crystals the first time you obtain them, and then after each healing session and after working with them. additionally, you should cleanse them on a regular basis and each time you feel that their energy is “down”. there are several methods to clean crystals and you cannot use every method with every crystal. the cleansing instructions are given with the description of every stone. Some crystals do not need cleansing. these […]

the scepter

the scepter quartz crystal is recognized by the naturally formed crystal that is formed around a rod of either quartz or a secondary mineral, at its base. they can symbolize the power held by the high priest or priestess. another of the harmonics stones surfacing at this time, they unite the spirituality of the higher realms with the healing energies from deep within the earth. they activate the power within to work with external, third […]

sphere shaped gems and crystals

spheres are the beginning of the universe and the starting point of all sacred geometry and the visica piscis. because aphere is the most perfect of all shapes, energy flows through them and in them in a continuous and harmonious pattern. when you hold a sphere, youplace yourself into a harmonious fluent energy flow that allows a peaceful state of being. a crystal in the shape of a phere is a wonderful meditation tool  that […]