the scepter

the scepter quartz crystal is recognized by the naturally formed crystal that is formed around a rod of either quartz or a secondary mineral, at its base. they can symbolize the power held by the high priest or priestess. another of the harmonics stones surfacing at this time, they unite the spirituality of the higher realms with the healing energies from deep within the earth. they activate the power within to work with external, third dimensional action. scepters remind us that we are all co-creators with the divine, that we are the king/queen of our lives. wherever you wish to integrate a more balanced power in your world, a scepter will be willing to assist and show the way to that personal power. they also remind us that we are not alone in our endeavors. deep within our hearts, deep within any situation, there is always support for our actions. used as personal meditation tools, quartz crystal scepters show us how to reach into the heart of the matter, the heart of any situation, the heart of a disability. they will show the way into the heart of any problem to reach for the solution. quartz crystal scepters are available as madagascar amethyst quartz scepters, nevada smokey/amethyst scepters and brazilian quartz crystal scepters with feldspar encrustations.