laser wand quartz

laser wand quartz has all the general qualities of quartz. a laser wand is a master crystal for use by a trained healer. a laser wand can rupture an aura and actually do physical harm to a body if misused.


a long slender crystal with small faces at the termination. the crystal is wider at the base than at the tip and sometimes the angles of the sides of the crystal are curved; rather than straight


cleanse with running water method after each use, energize on a crystal quartz cluster or in moonlight during full moon.


all, in particular past life, sacral, solar plexus, brow

best combined with:

when using a powerful tool such as a laser wand it is important to use another crystal lo soften the effects of what this crystal will bring up to the surface, i.e. malachite on the solar plexus and azurite on the third eye.


lasers teach us to look beneath the surface. when we work with them, we can learn to challenge the illusion of not only physical appearance, but those beliefs we hold to be as true and solid as the earth beneath our feet.


these crystals have an intimate relationship with both inner and outer space. releases entity attachment from past life.

locations and rituals:

a laser wand is one of the powerful tools in the crystal kingdom for removing blockages that have been imbedded for a long period of time but care has to be taken with its use. the most common places where the laser is used is around the solar plexus and