rainbow jasper

rainbow jasper brings wholeness and reminds people that each person is only part of the “whole” and that we should be kind to and help each other. rainbow jasper is a wonderful stone to wear as jewelry. it connects with those that will help on our path to enlightenment and with all life in the universe, including those that surround us. it is stone of teaching also helps to enhance psychic abilities. see also general properties of jasper.


multi-colored red, brown, yellow, green blue and/or purple


cleanse with running water method

energize on a crystal quartz cluster or in sunlight

feng shui use:

center (grounding)

west (children)

southwest (relationships)

east (community/family)

any negative direction (protection against negativity)


balances yin and yang

locations and rituals:

a large rainbow jasper stone keeps negativity out the ritual room