poppy jasper

poppy jasper brings attunement to animals and heal animal allergies. poppy jasper is thought to enhance strength and willpower. it was used by warriors in the middle ages to promote courage in battle.

poppy jasper acts somewhat like adrenaline, waking up and energizing areas of the body that appear to be sleeping. it inspires a positive, joyful attitude and gives you the motivation and energy to take creative action. see also general properties of jasper.


the reddish variation of brecciated jasper


cleanse with running water method, energize on a crystal quartz cluster or in sunlight

feng shui use:

center (grounding)

west (children)

southwest (relationships)

east (community/family)

any negative direction (protection against negativity)


powerful physical healer

sooths the nerves

heart problems, hemophilia, and blood disorders

do not use this stone if you are pregnant.

bring stillness to a troubled mind and to gain a positive outlook


protects the wearer from witchcraft

aligns the chakras and balances the yin-yang, physical, and emotional.

locations and rituals:

wearing poppy jasper encourages a deeper recognition of your connection with the life of the earth.