fancy jasper

fancy jasper it can focus your thinking so you can deal with any problem. it is an excellent stone to have in every room of the home.

the powers of fancy jasper are sometimes not noticed because they work slowly, but the change can be enduringly for the best.


banded and streaked in multi-colors of reds, pinks, oranges and browns


india, australia


cleanse with running water method, energize on a crystal quartz cluster or in sunlight





best combined with:

feng shui use:

center (grounding)

west (children)

southwest (relationships)

east (community/family)

any negative direction (protection against negativity)


aids the circulation and digestion, detoxifies the blood


focuses thinking to help deal with difficult problems

brings tranquility

eliminates worry and depression

stimulates making positive plans for the future

helpful for people whose male energies are extreme

helps lighten up and enjoy life


grounds mental energy

brings slowly into balance

brings mental clarity

opens the crown chakra

locations and rituals:

to help you find a solution to a problem, leave fancy jasper in the sun for a day and then sleep with it under you pillow. the next morning you should know the solution to your problem.