diamond window quartz

a vertical diamond face between, and slightly lower than, the six main faces. uncommon. a diamond window is a very specific crystal that is used for a single purpose. it is not a communication stone nor is it used to understand our relationships with others or with nature. rather it is a crystal that has the ability to focus the life force in our efforts to see ourselves.

it has the ability to aid us in seeing into our inner selves and into our own soul. “know thyself” is certainly good advice, but it is very, very hard to do. we seem to be blind in this area. maybe that is good, but it leads to confusion, discomfort, and unease. it leads us to poor choices in life, and to feeling of inadequacy, and a sense of being lost in our lives. use the diamond window in meditation to see inside yourself. use it to focus the life energy on understanding who you are and in efforts to really determine what you are seeking from life.


these crystals are the ultimate “self-help” aid
until you know who you are, where you are going, and what you want, other efforts at self-improvement will falter for lack of clarity of purpose.