merkabite calcite

when merkabite calcite is held to the third eye, one can feel a great rush of energy, like an interior wind, blowing through the upper chakras and out the top of the head.

these stones are named after the fabled merkabah vehicle of light mentioned in kabalistic texts, for it opens many doorways within the inner realms. has all the general properties of calcite.


white variety of calcite


kansas, usa


cleanse with running water method, energize on a crystal quartz cluster or in sunlight


fire, storm


third eye, crown, transpersonal and etheric

best combined with:

moldavite, phenacite, azeztulite, petallite, danburite

feng shui use:


stimulate the nervous system


enhances all mental operations

it is an energy amplifier and helps the mind and body to remember things

assists in the creation of power and clarity in thinking to enable the thoughts to more effectively influence matter