black obsidian

obsidian is considered extremely protective and said to allow no negative energy or negative spirit to enter. In the middle ages it was thought to drive out demons.

obsidian can be polished to a shiny mirror surface. because of this shiny, mirror surface, obsidian is attributed with the ability to reflect back to us our true selves. it is a vision stone for use in vision quests and prophetic dreaming. obsidian is a gemstone of the root chakra. It provides protection, grounding and protection from negative self-image, especially with respect to our physical appearance. black obsidian is an extremely powerful and fast acting stone, and should be used with caution for crystal healing. many people find these effects overwhelming and prefer to use a gentler stone.




argentina, armenia, canada, chile, greece, iceland, italy, japan, kenya, mexico, new zealand, peru, scottland, usa


black obsidian is a very protective stone and shields against negativity and to absorb negative energies from the environment. because of this it should be cleansed regularly with the running water method

energize on an amethyst cluster or in moonlight during full moon






earth (fie)



best combined with:

amber, alexandrite


obsidian was given as a remedy for snake poison. useful to combat grief and depression

reduces the pain of arthritis, helps joint problems and eases cramps

aids digestion


especially helpful in times of grief


provides protection from negative spirits

removes energy blockages

reveals our own flaws

locations and rituals:

gaze into it for a very short time (1-5 minutes) each day for 3 days when you need insight into a problem. use black obsidian if you are unable to use aquamarine. this is a very strong stone. use it sparingly.