aqua aura quartz

aqua aura quartz has all the qualities and properties of crystal quartz, and in additon the properties of the precious metal the crystal was bonded with, in this case gold.


cleanse with running water method

energize on a crystal quartz cluster or in sunlight




throat, third eye

best combined with:

feng shui use:


mineral assimilation


activates soul energy

releases stress, brings peace during meditation

frees from limitations, thus helping you become a new person


makes you open to channeling and self expression, helping deepen spiritual attunement and communication

stones with intense energy

opens all chakras, especially the throat chakra and encourages communication from the heart

heals holes, smooths, calms and cleanses the aura

releases any negativity from the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual bodies

protects against psychic or other psychological attack

locations and rituals:

activates and amplifies the energy of other crystals for healing

meditate with one crystal in each hand and open your heart to new life