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heliodor/ golden beryl

heliodor/ golden beryl (phot by rama) manifests purity in all aspects on all planes of being. it enables the mind to work more effectively colour/appearance: lemon to golden yellow sources: brazil cleansing: cleanse with running water method, energize on a crystal quartz or an amethyst cluster or in sunlight zodiac: gemini element(s): fire chakra(s): solar plexus physical: relieves nervousness and emotional eruptions that have been caused by excessive stress. emotional: promotes the will to succeed, […]

herkimer with citrine

herkimer with citrine is an excellent antidote to fatigue caused by negative energies colour/appearance: yellowish sources: herkimer (new york/usa) cleansing: cleanse with running water method159, Cleansing, energize on a crystal quartz cluster or in moonlight during full moon planet(s): sun zodiac: aries, leo, gemini, libra and sagittarius third eye best combined with: feng shui use: physical: depression fears helps with reducing weight and aids in enhancing the metabolic rate of the body beneficial for cellulite […]

holly blue agate

see also agate colour/appearance: blue violet sources: oregon (usa) cleansing: cleanse with running water method energize on an amethyst or crystal quartz cluster or in sunlight element(s): wind chakra(s): third eye and crown best combined with: feng shui use: center (balance/connection to the natural world)160, Feng Shui Use, northeast (wealth)160, Feng Shui Use, southwest (love)160, Feng Shui Use, negative direction misfortune (protection/combat illness) physical: headaches nervousness heart emotional: faclilates empathy spiritual: expands awareness harmonozes the […]


hemimorphite helps to be less self centered and allows us to not be egotistical. it helps us to take responsibility for our own happiness or unhappiness, thus allowing us to create our own personal reality, in that letting us recognize that we are in control of our own self concept. it helps us gain self esteem, brings luck, to live a joyous and creative life. it helps us to manifest practicality and sensibility as well […]

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