crystal quartz

crystal quartz is the basic stone of all magic and can be used as the amplifier of other stone energies (especially clusters).


mostly clear or somewhat milky and often with inclusions (a mineral deposit). rock crystal is completely clear. clear is most common; followed by white or cloudy; purple; pink; orange; blue; gray or brown to black; can have rainbows within


cleanse with running water method, energize on a crystal quartz cluster or in sunlight


uranus (all)


storm (all)



feng shui use:

white quartz is the primary stone for the west direction,

usefull anywhere you need to amplify your strenghts or where you want to transform a life aspect,

center (balance/spirituality),

west (projects/creativity)


relieves headache,

reduces fever,


eye infection,

loss of hair,

immune system,



emotional balancer, good for meditation and clarity of thought,

brings clarity in thinking


dispels negativity, attracts harmony, healing and balance,

enhances communication with the spirit world, spirit guides, higher self, teachers, and healers, allowing us to develop our psychic abilities,

cleanses and aligns chakras,

strenghtens weak energy fields

locations and rituals:

expose a crystal sphere to the light of full moon to strenghten its powers,

place in home for protection,

crystal quartz is a very personal stone, keep it close to you,

when you have a crystal quartz that feels good to you, never let anyone touch it, as it remembers and can store memories,

after a crystal quartz cluster has been cleansed it can be used to clean other stones by putting the stone on the cluster and placeing both in sunlight.